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Rev. Virginia & David Bishop
Serving New England
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About The Business

Let us create a wedding ceremony that you will always remember. Long after the festivities are over, it will be the words that you shared, the atmosphere you created them in, and the love and joy you generated through all of those moments together, that you will truly cherish. Your ceremony will form the foundation of your love and enhance your future as a couple. If you want a truly memorable ceremony, then you want to create one that truly reflects your own style and uniqueness.

Your wedding ceremony begins within your heart and springs forth from your own personal feelings, and will arouse feelings in your guests who witness it. It is truly a sacred commitment, made in the presence of family and friends. The ceremony you create not only recognizes that your wedding is a symbol of your love, but that it is also a deeply moving experience for everyone involved.

If you want your ceremony to be unforgettable, let me fashion it in a way that will reflect the uniqueness of your relationship. Your wedding symbolizes and celebrates your emotional and spiritual bond, and, is as special as both of you. We look forward to working with you to tailor a wedding ceremony that will express the quality of your love, your wonderful quirks, your special attributes as individuals, and the feelings, wishes, and intentions you share as a couple.

As an Interfaith Minister, I am honored to fashion a ceremony for you. Your ceremony may be on a beach, on a golf course, at a lighthouse, in a park, garden, church, restaurant, gallery, winery, resort, in your home, a ballroom, or any location of your choice. Your ceremony, whether it is traditional, contemporary, ethnic, themed, religious, non-religious, or nature inspired, will express and honor your love, and respect your families in the best possible way.

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